Tiffany Saunders

 An innate whirlwind of energy, Tiffany is a skilled events producer and day-to-day liaison between eventologie and clients.  As a natural problem-solver who can run at full speed, she still manages to keep every detail in line and every goal in sight.  Thriving on her keen ability to develop and execute with precision, her innovative thinking and imaginative solutions enable her to provide flawless delivery and continuously exceed clients’ expectations.  Not to mention they are immediately drawn to her upbeat demeanor and irreverent sense of humor.

Having a passion for fashion, desire to preserve our one and only Mother Earth, and innate drive to help others and do good, there’s no question she found her true calling with April and eventologie.  After earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Tiffany propelled herself straight into the special events industry and has produced a myriad of one-of-a-kind corporate and nonprofit engagements, with a dedicated focus on sustainability and fundraising.  During her stint in Don Draper’s world, she devised integrated multimedia marketing strategies, helped create positive brand images and constructed compelling and actionable local and national campaigns.  Her arsenal of experience includes working with such clients as Cartoon Network, The Home Depot, InterContinental Hotels Group, Georgia Center for Nonprofits, Mitsubishi, RaceTrac and Georgia Natural Gas to name a few.